Las Vegas (July 25, 2017) The first interactive digital store in Las Vegas, Vegas EXP, is about to take the Las Vegas Strip by storm, dramatically changing the retail experience for shoppers who will be able to browse inventory, personalize, purchase and even ship their merchandise from the palm of their hand via smart phone.  Encompassing over 3,200 square feet and featuring 28 digital screens with interactive technology that will transform the traditional shopping environment, Vegas EXP, located at 3635 Las Vegas Boulevard at the Grand Bazaar Shops, is now open with a grand opening planned for August.

Offering a wide variety of souvenir and convenience products, Vegas EXP is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill convenience store or souvenir shop thanks to its revolutionary design and technology platform. The brainchild of Jennifer Turner, president and CEO of M&K Enterprises, LLC, who has traveled overseas and throughout Asia to study cutting-edge, technology-based retail, Vegas EXP is the first such retail destination of its kind in the city, a distinction of which Turner is both exceedingly proud and excited.

“Vegas EXP combines technology and interactive digital media to create a truly interactive and highly personalized shopping experience,” said Turner. “Tourists come to Las Vegas to be entertained, and Vegas EXP, because of its experiential nature, will wow shoppers as they peruse inventory both on our digital walls and via our customized mobile app that will soon debut. And once they have finalized their selections, shoppers can use several apps to make their purchase.  These include Google Wallet, Apple Wallet, Amazon and PayPal – whatever credit card is already on their phone and whatever they feel most comfortable using. Additional payment options will continue to be integrated. It’s all about customizing the experience from start to finish.”

This retail concept marries together a store with new-aged technologies that bridges the gap between ordinary and over-the-top to offer an Omni-channel experience. The concept is reflected in the venue’s sleek, modern industrial vibe.  A 17 foot by 6 foot LED screen will grace the storefront to capture the attention of passersby with engaging video content that can be updated by the minute, hour or weekly anytime, anywhere through the Vegas EXP niche media platform. In addition to offering a mini mart, signature Las Vegas collectables and unique Las Vegas themed apparel, the store is also planned to include a variety of exclusive and only-in-Vegas merchandise.

Delivery services will be available to hotels in Las Vegas along with home delivery options that are already in place and shipping at the click of a button.  In the future, shoppers can also have select merchandise personalized.  For some purchases, shoppers will have the opportunity to donate $1 or another designated amount to a charity of their choice.

According to Turner, while the options for customizing the shopping experience are endless, there are also significant operational advantages to digital retail.  These include enhanced security and inventory controls; streamlined staffing and overhead expense reduction; new revenue opportunities created through digital sponsorships; and enhanced purchasing power and information.

“Vegas EXP not only provides a unique retail environment not currently available in the city, it also allows us to customize the shopping experience via information we collect regarding buying habits and histories,” said Turner.  “As we enter a new era of retail, we are able to provide a level of customer service not previously available.  Digital retail will revolutionize loyalty programs through high tech and high touch offerings.”

“It’s time we stop referencing retail as just a store,” Turner continued. “The future of retail continues to evolve. No longer are patrons seeking a traditional brick and mortar experience. Instead, they crave interactive ways to be engaged — shopping on devices of their choosing from locations that are most appealing. Vegas EXP will do just that.  And we couldn’t be more excited to launch this innovative concept in Las Vegas, a top worldwide tourist destination and a city where anything is possible.”

For additional information and a complete list of product offerings, visit www.vegasexp.com.


About M&K Enterprises, LLC:

Founded in 1976 by Louis Simkins, M&K Enterprises, LLC was created with a mission to provide high quality souvenirs at a low price. Simkins started under the wing of his brother-in-law before starting his solo venture, who dominated the souvenir industry in Las Vegas with operating 19 locations across the valley. This invaluable experience gave him the knowledge on how to manage retail stores, as well as how to run a successful business. After initially opening one store under the M&K name, many locations soon followed and his business began to evolve. Grand Canyon Experience (GCE) was the heart and soul of M&K Enterprises LLC and was in operation from August 2000 to May 2017.  GCE gave a great end to a new beginning, which transitioned M&K to its newest store, Vegas Exp. For additional information, please visit www.vegasexp.com.